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"We had 23 wineries represented at Kerry's training and wine education master class. She is an excellent presenter and engaged the audience from the start with tips, tricks and tools of the trade from an industry veteran perspective."
--Angela Bradshaw, Silvan Ridge Hospitality Director
Organizations hire Kerry to transform their hospitality/beverage brand story, deliver inspiring keynotes, and create unique event entertainment.....
Kerry grew up on one of the first commercial Pinot noir vineyards in the famed Red Hills of Dundee (which sounds more glamorous than it was ) although she did learn how to harvest, bottle, sell and promote their family wine brand. 
She is the president of the Oregon National Speakers Association, a wine educator at Linfield College, and the author of three books including
"Intertwined - Grief, Gratitude and Growing a Business."
However, she relishes traveling the wine regions of the world for her Intertwined Travelblog and stopping at all vintage furniture stores along the way. 
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